December 03, 2011

Virginia's 50th Birthday Celebration!

One of the first people I met online when I started stamping was Virginia Lu.  She is one of the most talented paper artists I know.  I have always been in awe of her clean and simple style because it is the antithesis of what I do.  It is NOT easy to make a stunning card with a limited amount of elements!

Virginia's sense of humor, inner beauty, and spirited heart, draws everyone into her realm of creativity.  Just check out her blog, YES VIRGINIA, and you'll see what I mean!  She even has the family involved!  (I keep telling her that hubby, Dr. John, needs his own BLOG!)  Never too busy to offer help, Virginia is always there, full of encouragement when one's mojo has taken a vacation!

In honor of her upcoming 50th birthday, Virginia has generously offered a CHALLENGE to her cardmaking peeps with some awesome prizes.  Here is the card I made for her party!  I really glammed it up, because even though Virginia does clean and simple cards, she's really quite chic and elegant.
I'll be sending this off to her so she can have a little piece of my heart with her for her milestone.  I'm hoping to get to meet her next September for Scrapfest, along with some other awesome people we know!

Here's to you Virginia, for making our little part of the crafting world a welcome place for everyone who knows you, and for sharing your talent on your blog every day.  You are SO special!!  I HEART you!


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